Why WiggleWaggle??

So why come to WiggleWaggle? Well there are lots of reasons why you and your little people may enjoy the sessions. One of the most important is that the classes are fun and active, and hopefully a place where you can make friends.

liz 19
Lots of learning can go on too, this week one of the focuses is on a gross motor skill, galloping. It’s is a great skill for little people to practise. Not only does it keep you fit but it helps children develop core skills like balance, concentration and coordination. It takes time to develop, at first they will master a sideways movement, where, with encouragement, this will gradually develop into leading with one foot and in to a gallop!!liz 20

During class we have been galloping around the room to Cotton Eye Joe. Babies love the movement in their grownup arms and bigger wigglers enjoy trying on their or holding their grownups hands. In all the sessions so far when the galloping starts so does the giggling!!! A little baby just couldn’t stop laughing. It can make older wigglers feel very proud too. One little girl said to me “Did you see me Sharon? I did it all by myself “

louise 1

Below is a blog that talks further about Gross Motor skills or Locomotor Skills


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