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Bag Lady !!

You may have noticed that your Toddler loves carrying things from place to place , or they will spend ages empty and filling boxes? Also toddlers love to feel included and our very proud if they can ‘help’. Ask your toddler to take Daddys book to him or carry some shopping and they will be full or smiles from the praise.

At wigglewaggle there is always a willing helper or two to empty out the pompoms and help put them away at the end. If asked to push the box under the table l receive lots of happy smiles !! Some little wigglers also arrive with their own bag of treasures or at least a cuddle friend. Its hilarious to watch a little tot struggling to jump with their bag but you’re braver than me if you try to suggest putting something down !!!

Toddler treasures

Toddler treasures

So what is this all about ? Why does your Toddler suddenly turn into a bag lady or happily move piles of stones in a bucket from one end of the garden to the other? Well some of it is down to a growing awareness of ‘me’ and ‘mine’ and their place in their world. Also it is a big part of their development in learning how there body moves and helps secure the concept that object are still there whether you can see them or not.

Benefits-of-carrying-things-for-toddlers-2The following blogs is a great read and explains this concept further


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