Just Popping Bubbles

bubble 5This week the ’What’s in the Box?’ activity is bubbles, a firm favourite with Wigglers. It’s a great fun for the whole group. Babies and crawlers watch in wonder as bubbles form and pop all around. Toddlers and older just love popping them with their hands and feet usually with a big smile on their faces!
There is lots of learning going on too; bubbles give opportunity to practise so many developmental skills.

Fine and gross motor skills: – waving hands, reaching up, popping with just a finger and stomping ones on the ground.

babies and bubbles

Communication and speech: – as the blog below suggest, ‘b’ and ‘p’ are two sounds that are great to practise and encourage new talkers. Also great for developing language and helping little ones understand and follow questioning and positional words like “Where are the bubbles?”, The bubbles are behind you !!

Social and emotional:- Bubbles is a great activity to have as a ‘shared experience’ something to build memories on whether it’s with a group like WiggleWaggle were toddlers see other’s laughing, smiling and copy others popping , pinching, catching the bubbles. Or experience a happy time just with you.
Now it’s time for a cuppa and a good read of the blog below which talks even more about the benefits of playing with bubbles


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