Fun in the Sun

With the summer heat finally arriving with vengeance, here are a few ideas to help keep you little ones happy and cool.

water-nf  Babies love water.
Babies our happiest just in a nappy when not in direct sunlight, lying on the a blanket in the shade with a cool sponge gentle rub on the body or sitting in a paddling pool having a splash. Water play is not just for outdoors; in these very hot days bring the pool inside!!! If that’s not possible put baby in the high chair and pour a little water in the tray add an ice cube or two and let the fun commence. Or sit baby on some towels with a few small tubs of water spoons etc. And just let them pour and splash. DONT PANIC its only water, baby and floor will dry!!!

baby and water 1

Toddlers love to splash

The simple things in life are best. There is so much you can do do with a bucket or bowl of water!!! Here are just a few ideas

bowl tot and water

1. Simply add hands or feet!!! Toddlers love watching water run through their fingers or toes
2. Pouring and stirring  With spoons and cups your tot will be content filling different size containers, emptying and doing it all over again.
3. Sponge. Watch as you toddler enjoys plunging a sponge in the water and squeezing it all out again and again
4. Go natural!! . Give your toddler a collection of pebbles, sticks leaves etc. and just let them play
5. Duck, frogs and fish. Toddlers will love making their watery friends jump, splash and swim!!ducks in water
As you can see the list is endless. Other simple things to add are bubbles, colour, and ice. One thing is certain, all will bring laughs and giggles, alongside exploring a  d learning.

Preschoolers love ‘Tea for Two’

tea for two
The paddling pool is oh so much fun for your preschooler but there is much, much more you can do, from having a family battle with cups and a bowl to bathing baby dolls. I just love this blog which suggest setting up pretend flames and letting them hose it out !!!

Make believe is such wonderful play. Here is three simple favourites of mine :- Tea Party, Water Painting and Car Wash
Water Painting, all you need is a bowl or water and different size brushes and a wall or floor to paint. Encourage your child to paint a picture or pattern, the sun soon dries it and they have a fresh page to start again!!

Car Wash, line up big or little cars, bikes etc. And with bubbles sponges and clothes let them ‘clean’ to their hearts content !!

Tea Party, filling the tea pot with water and pouring out the tea into little cups will keep your preschooler happy !!

This last blog explains just how much can be learnt through play. I hope you all have fun in the sun !!!!

water painting

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